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To Dikote
Please do not take this as an attack because it is not meant to be taken that way at all. The reason I address this user personally, is because Dikote took the time to comment on a lot of my pieces here, though I am sure there are many others who have similar thoughts and I want to clear the air on your comments.
First: My captions are not for you. Clearly you do not enjoy them, I do not care. My caption work is done to sate my own desire to see some semblance of  my own personal fantasies online. I enjoyed many other captioners before I started, but recognized that many of my kinks (humiliation/degradation, dragqueen style, etc) fell into a very small niche, so I decided to create my own. I figured that there may be others who enjoy similar kinks so I wanted to share with them. I understand that my material is not for everybody (and is actually enjoyed by a VERY small minority of people)
Second: My works are fetish fantasy. I do not INTEND to offend others, but I know my material is offensive. I actually have friends who are trans and have experienced dark times in their lives. Some may not LIKE what I put in my captions, but there is some understanding of where it comes from. We all have certain kinks and desires and there are many that will not agree with them. My advice is to GET OVER IT and realize that things you desire offend others as well. And, if you are curious, I often use the same character name because I am placing myself in my own fantasy world.
Third: My works are not great works of literature and many are quite derivative. I know this. Many of my captions are figments that pop into my head when I see a picture I like. The ideas stem from my own fetishes, fantasies and kinks. I am not claiming to be that original or that creative. Again, these captions are mostly for my personal enjoyment that I post here because I hope that others might get a kick out of them as well.
Fourth: My captions are not to be taken seriously. Again, I know some of the things I say and consequences I use in my story might seem to make light of bad situations that others have gone through. Yes, trans/gay/lesbian kids do get kicked out of their homes for real because their parents are closed-minded and do not deserve to raise the children they have claimed to have loved when they thought they were 'normal'. I do feel sorry for them, but my captions are not some political statement, they are works of fetishized fantasy. I would not, and do not, talk to anyone in normal conversation in this way. It is strictly for like-minded kinksters and fetishists.
This is a site where people are free to express themselves to share their ideas and perspectives with the world. You are bound to be offended by some of the content; that does not give you license to rudely post how their content does not match your own personal ideals. Constructive criticism is always welcome; but, please, take your destructive comments elsewhere.
So, to those who may be offended by my work, I am NOT sorry for what I post here, I am not sorry for offending you. I AM sorry that you are closed-minded and judgmental of those who may have kinks and desires that do not fit into your perfect little world-view.


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Dolly Diklipz
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